How to Get Backlinks Through Social Media

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Backlinks are essential for improving key aspects of your search engine marketing. Domain authority. Search Engine Ranking Position (SERP). Traffic. The whole shebang. However, getting high-quality backlinks can be tricky and time-consuming. Ultimately, it’s a long-game approach. So, how can you get some quick and easy wins in the short-term? For this, look no further than social media. We’re going to show you how to get backlinks, quickly, just by leveraging your social media presence.

Optimise Your Profiles for Backlinks

First of all, if you’re not already using your various social media profiles to link back to your website, you’re missing a trick. If you’re looking at how to get backlinks without much effort, start by optimising your social media profiles.

It’s simple. Every social media platform allows you to add your website link within the website field in the bio or basic information section. 

Populate your Facebook ‘About Section’ with relevant links to your website. Add your web address as a clickable link in your Twitter and LinkedIn profiles. And not just in the website field. Consider using your actual bio too. This way, your website is more likely to appear on social searches too. How’s that for an easy win? You can apply this logic to other profiles, such as Medium or online business directories too. 

Another key point to consider is leveraging employee advocacy to help you get a whole host of backlinks from social media. To clarify, if you’re looking at how to get backlinks through social media, you should exploit the potential of all your social media profiles – both business and personal – to provide backlinks to your website. Not only this, but you should encourage others within your organisation to do the same. The more buy-in you get from your team the better. You are your company’s best advocates.

For this reason, social media can be a treasure trove when it comes to finding ways to get backlinks.

How to Get Backlinks from Your Company’s Facebook Page

If you have a company Facebook page (and you should) you have a glorious opportunity to populate it with numerous backlinks to your website. Throw in extra links within the Company Overview section. Add your web address in the short description. And, of course, use the website field.

What about your page buttons? Ever thought of using those to provide backlinks to your website? Just edit them and include a relevant link. Using social media to generate backlinks is just this easy.

In fact, you can even optimise your profile and cover images to include further links to your website. All you have to do is edit the image description to incorporate a relevant link and there you go. When people click on the image, they’ll also see the link.

Facebook Group Backlinks

Another easy way to get backlinks through social media is via your Facebook group – if you have one. Just like your Facebook page, you can optimise your group description to include a link to your website. Just make sure you include it within the first 96 characters, that way it’s guaranteed to appear when anyone visits your group.

Want more? Here’s how to get backlinks from your pinned posts.

Pinned posts at the top of Facebook groups are ordinarily used as welcome messages, including group rules. As the top post, they always feature as the first post visitors to the group see. Include key backlinks within your pinned posts to gain more traffic from your Facebook group, without having to do much.

Provide Value to Get Backlinks Through Social Media

The real “secret” to using social media for backlinks isn’t just on your own profiles. The most valuable backlinks for search engine ranking will be on relevant websites linking to your content. And before you rank on Page 1, you need to leverage your network to get those links.

Identify the people in your network (and by network we mean your LinkedIn network, Twitter following, Instagram following, email subscribers, etc) who publish content that is relevant to your business. What kind of content do they publish? Who do they already link to? This can give you an idea about what content is “worthy” of being shared. Chances are it’s valuable in some way. It’s likely to be a guide, resource, tip, or something insightful or entertaining.

Once you have a list of people in your network who could be a good fit for your content, and you know your content is valuable enough to be shared, just start sharing! Engage the people who you think would be a good fit for linking to your website. This can be through comments on their content, tagging them in posts, taking part in the same Twitter chats, and more.

And once you know someone, getting a backlink can be as simple as asking, via private message: 

“Hey ____, I saw your post on ____. I talked about this in my [post/video/etc] here _____. If it’s relevant, a quote and link to the full post might be interesting to your readers, too.”

You’ll get better results by talking to people and building relationships before blindly asking for backlinks. Give as much as you ask for.

How to Optimise Social Media for Backlinks

As can be seen, given these points above, when looking at how to get backlinks to improve your overall SEO, social media can be a great starting point. However, this requires a coordinated effort across all your profiles (both business and personal) to ensure that you consistently give value and build the right kind of following at the same time.

In order to organise and focus your backlinking efforts on social media, it may be worth looking into a social media audit. Here’s a free social media audit template to get you started. A social media audit is a great way to perform a structured ‘spring clean’ or ‘health check’ of your various social media accounts. It’s a simple way of systematically working through the different elements of your social media profiles to make sure they are all working together in synergy to give your business the best results and provide the most relevant information and backlinks to your followers.

Start reaping the benefits of your social media presence today. All of your channels can be used to get backlinks, and really make the most of SEO.

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